HEVC Test Model (HM)  HM-16.3
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 C_AMVPInfoParameters for AMVP
 C_LFCUParamParameters for deblocking filter
 CContextModelContext model class
 CContextModel3DBufferContext model 3D buffer class
 CDistParamDistortion parameter class
 CHrdSubLayerInfoVPS class
 CInitialAdjustmentParameterParseExceptionThrown if there is an error parsing the initial adjustment parameter
 CMetaLogEntryFull meta-log entry
 CMetaLogParseExceptionThrown if there is an error parsing the meta-log
 CMismatchedIndexesExceptionThrown if there is a mismatch in the vector sizes or the Lambda-modifier indexes
 CNonContiguousQPSetExceptionThe QP set from the log file was not contiguous. The QP set must be contiguous to be able to convert the results into a vector
 CPOCParseExceptionAn error occured while parsing a POC line from within a log file
 CPointContains a Lambda-modifier and bitrate for only a single index
 CQpParamQP struct
 CRuntimeErrorThis class serves the same purpose as std::runtime_error, but it can be more convenient to use
 CTAppDecCfgDecoder configuration class
 CTAppDecTopDecoder application class
 CTAppEncCfgEncoder configuration class
 CTAppEncTopEncoder application class
 CTargetsParseExceptionThrown if there is an error parsing the targets
 CTComBitCounterClass for counting bits
 CTComBitIfPure virtual class for basic bit handling
 CTComCABACTablesStatic class for CABAC tables
 CTComCUMvFieldClass for motion information in one CU
 CTComDataCUCU data structure class
 CTComInterpolationFilterInterpolation filter class
 CTComListList template
 CTComLoopFilterDeblocking filter class
 CTComMvBasic motion vector class
 CTComMvFieldClass for motion vector with reference index
 CTComPatternNeighbouring pixel access class for all components
 CTComPatternParamNeighbouring pixel access class for one component
 CTComPicPicture class (symbol + YUV buffers)
 CTComPicSymPicture symbol class
 CTComPicYuvPicture YUV buffer class
 CTComPPSPPS class
 CTComRdCostRD cost computation class
 CTComReferencePictureSetReference Picture Set class
 CTComRefPicListModificationReference Picture Lists class
 CTComRPSListReference Picture Set set class
 CTComScalingListSCALING_LIST class
 CTComSliceSlice header class
 CTComSPSSPS class
 CTComTrQuantTransform and quantization class
 CTComWeightPredictionWeighting prediction class
 CTComYuvGeneral YUV buffer class
 CTDecCavlcCAVLC decoder class
 CTDecCuCU decoder class
 CTDecEntropyEntropy decoder class
 CTDecEntropyIfEntropy decoder pure class
 CTDecGopGOP decoder class
 CTDecSbacSBAC decoder class
 CTDecSliceSlice decoder class
 CTDecTopDecoder class
 CTEncAnalyzeEncoder analyzer class
 CTEncCavlcCAVLC encoder class
 CTEncCfgEncoder configuration class
 CTEncCuCU encoder class
 CTEncEntropyEntropy encoder class
 CTEncEntropyIfEntropy encoder pure class
 CTEncPicPicture class including local image characteristics information for QP adaptation
 CTEncPicQPAdaptationLayerLocal image characteristics for CUs on a specific depth
 CTEncPreanalyzerSource picture analyzer class
 CTEncQPAdaptationUnitUnit block for storing image characteristics
 CTEncSbacSBAC encoder class
 CTEncSearchEncoder search class
 CTEncSliceSlice encoder class
 CTEncTopEncoder class
 CTVideoIOYuvYUV file I/O class