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TAppEncTop Class Reference

encoder application class More...

#include <TAppEncTop.h>

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Public Member Functions

TEncTopgetTEncTop ()
 return encoder class pointer reference More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAppEncCfg
 TAppEncCfg ()
virtual ~TAppEncCfg ()
Void create ()
 create option handling class More...
Void destroy ()
 destroy option handling class More...
Bool parseCfg (Int argc, TChar *argv[])
 parse configuration file to fill member variables More...

Private Attributes

TEncTop m_cTEncTop
 encoder class More...
TVideoIOYuv m_cTVideoIOYuvInputFile
 input YUV file More...
TVideoIOYuv m_cTVideoIOYuvReconFile
 output reconstruction file More...
TComList< TComPicYuv * > m_cListPicYuvRec
 list of reconstruction YUV files More...
Int m_iFrameRcvd
 number of received frames More...
UInt m_essentialBytes
UInt m_totalBytes
Void xCreateLib ()
 create files & encoder class More...
Void xInitLibCfg ()
 initialize internal variables More...
Void xInitLib (Bool isFieldCoding)
 initialize encoder class More...
Void xDestroyLib ()
 destroy encoder class More...
Void xGetBuffer (TComPicYuv *&rpcPicYuvRec)
 obtain required buffers More...
Void xDeleteBuffer ()
 delete allocated buffers More...
Void xWriteOutput (std::ostream &bitstreamFile, Int iNumEncoded, const std::list< AccessUnit > &accessUnits)
 write bitstream to file More...
Void rateStatsAccum (const AccessUnit &au, const std::vector< UInt > &stats)
Void printRateSummary ()
Void printChromaFormat ()
 TAppEncTop ()
virtual ~TAppEncTop ()
Void encode ()
 main encoding function More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TAppEncCfg
Void xPrintUsage ()
 print usage More...
Void xCheckParameter ()
 check validity of configuration values More...
Void xPrintParameter ()
 print configuration values More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from TAppEncCfg
std::string m_inputFileName
 source file name More...
std::string m_bitstreamFileName
 output bitstream file More...
std::string m_reconFileName
 output reconstruction file More...
Double m_adLambdaModifier [MAX_TLAYER]
 Lambda modifier array for each temporal layer. More...
std::vector< Doublem_adIntraLambdaModifier
 Lambda modifier for Intra pictures, one for each temporal layer. If size>temporalLayer, then use [temporalLayer], else if size>0, use [size()-1], else use m_adLambdaModifier. More...
Double m_dIntraQpFactor
 Intra Q Factor. If negative, use a default equation: 0.57*(1.0 - Clip3( 0.0, 0.5, 0.05*(Double)(isField ? (GopSize-1)/2 : GopSize-1) )) More...
Int m_iFrameRate
 source frame-rates (Hz) More...
UInt m_FrameSkip
 number of skipped frames from the beginning More...
UInt m_temporalSubsampleRatio
 temporal subsample ratio, 2 means code every two frames More...
Int m_iSourceWidth
 source width in pixel More...
Int m_iSourceHeight
 source height in pixel (when interlaced = field height) More...
Int m_inputFileWidth
 width of image in input file (this is equivalent to sourceWidth, if sourceWidth is not subsequently altered due to padding) More...
Int m_inputFileHeight
 height of image in input file (this is equivalent to sourceHeight, if sourceHeight is not subsequently altered due to padding) More...
Int m_iSourceHeightOrg
 original source height in pixel (when interlaced = frame height) More...
Bool m_isField
 enable field coding More...
Bool m_isTopFieldFirst
Bool m_bEfficientFieldIRAPEnabled
 enable an efficient field IRAP structure. More...
Bool m_bHarmonizeGopFirstFieldCoupleEnabled
Int m_conformanceWindowMode
Int m_confWinLeft
Int m_confWinRight
Int m_confWinTop
Int m_confWinBottom
Int m_framesToBeEncoded
 number of encoded frames More...
Int m_aiPad [2]
 number of padded pixels for width and height More...
Bool m_AccessUnitDelimiter
 add Access Unit Delimiter NAL units More...
InputColourSpaceConversion m_inputColourSpaceConvert
 colour space conversion to apply to input video More...
Bool m_snrInternalColourSpace
 if true, then no colour space conversion is applied for snr calculation, otherwise inverse of input is applied. More...
Bool m_outputInternalColourSpace
 if true, then no colour space conversion is applied for reconstructed video, otherwise inverse of input is applied. More...
ChromaFormat m_InputChromaFormatIDC
Bool m_printMSEBasedSequencePSNR
Bool m_printFrameMSE
Bool m_printSequenceMSE
Bool m_printMSSSIM
Bool m_cabacZeroWordPaddingEnabled
Bool m_bClipInputVideoToRec709Range
Bool m_bClipOutputVideoToRec709Range
Profile::Name m_profile
Level::Tier m_levelTier
Level::Name m_level
UInt m_bitDepthConstraint
ChromaFormat m_chromaFormatConstraint
Bool m_intraConstraintFlag
Bool m_onePictureOnlyConstraintFlag
Bool m_lowerBitRateConstraintFlag
Bool m_progressiveSourceFlag
Bool m_interlacedSourceFlag
Bool m_nonPackedConstraintFlag
Bool m_frameOnlyConstraintFlag
Int m_iIntraPeriod
 period of I-slice (random access period) More...
Int m_iDecodingRefreshType
 random access type More...
Int m_iGOPSize
 GOP size of hierarchical structure. More...
Bool m_bReWriteParamSetsFlag
 Flag to enable rewriting of parameter sets at random access points. More...
Int m_extraRPSs
 extra RPSs added to handle CRA More...
GOPEntry m_GOPList [MAX_GOP]
 the coding structure entries from the config file More...
Int m_numReorderPics [MAX_TLAYER]
 total number of reorder pictures More...
Int m_maxDecPicBuffering [MAX_TLAYER]
 total number of pictures in the decoded picture buffer More...
Bool m_crossComponentPredictionEnabledFlag
 flag enabling the use of cross-component prediction More...
Bool m_reconBasedCrossCPredictionEstimate
 causes the alpha calculation in encoder search to be based on the decoded residual rather than the pre-transform encoder-side residual More...
UInt m_log2SaoOffsetScale [MAX_NUM_CHANNEL_TYPE]
 number of bits for the upward bit shift operation on the decoded SAO offsets More...
Bool m_useTransformSkip
 flag for enabling intra transform skipping More...
Bool m_useTransformSkipFast
 flag for enabling fast intra transform skipping More...
UInt m_log2MaxTransformSkipBlockSize
 transform-skip maximum size (minimum of 2) More...
Bool m_transformSkipRotationEnabledFlag
 control flag for transform-skip/transquant-bypass residual rotation More...
Bool m_transformSkipContextEnabledFlag
 control flag for transform-skip/transquant-bypass single significance map context More...
 control flags for residual DPCM More...
Bool m_enableAMP
Bool m_persistentRiceAdaptationEnabledFlag
 control flag for Golomb-Rice parameter adaptation over each slice More...
Bool m_cabacBypassAlignmentEnabledFlag
OptionalValue< UIntm_qpIncrementAtSourceFrame
 Optional source frame number at which all subsequent frames are to use an increased internal QP. More...
Int m_iQP
 QP value of key-picture (integer) More...
Int m_intraQPOffset
 QP offset for intra slice (integer) More...
Bool m_lambdaFromQPEnable
 enable flag for QP:lambda fix More...
std::string m_dQPFileName
 QP offset for each slice (initialized from external file) More...
 array of slice QP values More...
Int m_iMaxDeltaQP
 max. |delta QP| More...
UInt m_uiDeltaQpRD
 dQP range for multi-pass slice QP optimization More...
Int m_iMaxCuDQPDepth
 Max. depth for a minimum CuDQPSize (0:default) More...
Int m_diffCuChromaQpOffsetDepth
 If negative, then do not apply chroma qp offsets. More...
Bool m_bFastDeltaQP
 Fast Delta QP (false:default) More...
Int m_cbQpOffset
 Chroma Cb QP Offset (0:default) More...
Int m_crQpOffset
 Chroma Cr QP Offset (0:default) More...
WCGChromaQPControl m_wcgChromaQpControl
 Wide-colour-gamut chroma QP control. More...
UInt m_sliceChromaQpOffsetPeriodicity
 Used in conjunction with Slice Cb/Cr QpOffsetIntraOrPeriodic. Use 0 (default) to disable periodic nature. More...
Int m_sliceChromaQpOffsetIntraOrPeriodic [2]
 Chroma Cb QP Offset at slice level for I slice or for periodic inter slices as defined by SliceChromaQPOffsetPeriodicity. Replaces offset in the GOP table. More...
LumaLevelToDeltaQPMapping m_lumaLevelToDeltaQPMapping
 mapping from luma level to Delta QP. More...
Bool m_bUseAdaptQpSelect
TComSEIMasteringDisplay m_masteringDisplay
Bool m_bUseAdaptiveQP
 Flag for enabling QP adaptation based on a psycho-visual model. More...
Int m_iQPAdaptationRange
 dQP range by QP adaptation More...
Int m_maxTempLayer
 Max temporal layer. More...
UInt m_uiMaxCUWidth
 max. CU width in pixel More...
UInt m_uiMaxCUHeight
 max. CU height in pixel More...
UInt m_uiMaxCUDepth
 max. CU depth (as specified by command line) More...
UInt m_uiMaxTotalCUDepth
 max. total CU depth - includes depth of transform-block structure More...
UInt m_uiLog2DiffMaxMinCodingBlockSize
 difference between largest and smallest CU depth More...
UInt m_uiQuadtreeTULog2MaxSize
UInt m_uiQuadtreeTULog2MinSize
UInt m_uiQuadtreeTUMaxDepthInter
UInt m_uiQuadtreeTUMaxDepthIntra
Int m_inputBitDepth [MAX_NUM_CHANNEL_TYPE]
 bit-depth of input file More...
Int m_outputBitDepth [MAX_NUM_CHANNEL_TYPE]
 bit-depth of output file More...
Int m_MSBExtendedBitDepth [MAX_NUM_CHANNEL_TYPE]
 bit-depth of input samples after MSB extension More...
Int m_internalBitDepth [MAX_NUM_CHANNEL_TYPE]
 bit-depth codec operates at (input/output files will be converted) More...
Bool m_extendedPrecisionProcessingFlag
Bool m_highPrecisionOffsetsEnabledFlag
ChromaFormat m_chromaFormatIDC
Bool m_bPCMInputBitDepthFlag
 0: PCM bit-depth is internal bit-depth. 1: PCM bit-depth is input bit-depth. More...
Bool m_bUseSAO
Bool m_bTestSAODisableAtPictureLevel
Double m_saoEncodingRate
 When >0 SAO early picture termination is enabled for luma and chroma. More...
Double m_saoEncodingRateChroma
 The SAO early picture termination rate to use for chroma (when m_SaoEncodingRate is >0). If <=0, use results for luma. More...
Int m_maxNumOffsetsPerPic
 SAO maximun number of offset per picture. More...
Bool m_saoCtuBoundary
 SAO parameter estimation using non-deblocked pixels for CTU bottom and right boundary areas. More...
Bool m_saoResetEncoderStateAfterIRAP
 When true, SAO encoder state will be reset following an IRAP. More...
Bool m_bLoopFilterDisable
 flag for using deblocking filter More...
Bool m_loopFilterOffsetInPPS
 offset for deblocking filter in 0 = slice header, 1 = PPS More...
Int m_loopFilterBetaOffsetDiv2
 beta offset for deblocking filter More...
Int m_loopFilterTcOffsetDiv2
 tc offset for deblocking filter More...
Int m_deblockingFilterMetric
 blockiness metric in encoder More...
Bool m_usePCM
 flag for using IPCM More...
UInt m_pcmLog2MaxSize
 log2 of maximum PCM block size More...
UInt m_uiPCMLog2MinSize
 log2 of minimum PCM block size More...
Bool m_bPCMFilterDisableFlag
 PCM filter disable flag. More...
Bool m_enableIntraReferenceSmoothing
 flag for enabling(default)/disabling intra reference smoothing/filtering More...
Bool m_bUseASR
 flag for using adaptive motion search range More...
Bool m_bUseHADME
 flag for using HAD in sub-pel ME More...
Bool m_useRDOQ
 flag for using RD optimized quantization More...
Bool m_useRDOQTS
 flag for using RD optimized quantization for transform skip More...
Bool m_useSelectiveRDOQ
 flag for using selective RDOQ More...
Int m_rdPenalty
 RD-penalty for 32x32 TU for intra in non-intra slices (0: no RD-penalty, 1: RD-penalty, 2: maximum RD-penalty) More...
Bool m_bDisableIntraPUsInInterSlices
 Flag for disabling intra predicted PUs in inter slices. More...
MESearchMethod m_motionEstimationSearchMethod
Bool m_bRestrictMESampling
 Restrict sampling for the Selective ME. More...
Int m_iSearchRange
 ME search range. More...
Int m_bipredSearchRange
 ME search range for bipred refinement. More...
Int m_minSearchWindow
 ME minimum search window size for the Adaptive Window ME. More...
Bool m_bClipForBiPredMeEnabled
 Enables clipping for Bi-Pred ME. More...
Bool m_bFastMEAssumingSmootherMVEnabled
 Enables fast ME assuming a smoother MV. More...
FastInterSearchMode m_fastInterSearchMode
 Parameter that controls fast encoder settings. More...
Bool m_bUseEarlyCU
 flag for using Early CU setting More...
Bool m_useFastDecisionForMerge
 flag for using Fast Decision Merge RD-Cost More...
Bool m_bUseCbfFastMode
 flag for using Cbf Fast PU Mode Decision More...
Bool m_useEarlySkipDetection
 flag for using Early SKIP Detection More...
SliceConstraint m_sliceMode
Int m_sliceArgument
 argument according to selected slice mode More...
SliceConstraint m_sliceSegmentMode
Int m_sliceSegmentArgument
 argument according to selected slice segment mode More...
Bool m_bLFCrossSliceBoundaryFlag
 1: filter across slice boundaries 0: do not filter across slice boundaries More...
Bool m_bLFCrossTileBoundaryFlag
 1: filter across tile boundaries 0: do not filter across tile boundaries More...
Bool m_tileUniformSpacingFlag
Int m_numTileColumnsMinus1
Int m_numTileRowsMinus1
std::vector< Intm_tileColumnWidth
std::vector< Intm_tileRowHeight
Bool m_entropyCodingSyncEnabledFlag
Bool m_bUseConstrainedIntraPred
 flag for using constrained intra prediction More...
Bool m_bFastUDIUseMPMEnabled
Bool m_bFastMEForGenBLowDelayEnabled
Bool m_bUseBLambdaForNonKeyLowDelayPictures
HashType m_decodedPictureHashSEIType
 Checksum mode for decoded picture hash SEI message. More...
Bool m_recoveryPointSEIEnabled
Bool m_bufferingPeriodSEIEnabled
Bool m_pictureTimingSEIEnabled
Bool m_toneMappingInfoSEIEnabled
Bool m_chromaResamplingFilterSEIenabled
Int m_chromaResamplingHorFilterIdc
Int m_chromaResamplingVerFilterIdc
Int m_toneMapId
Bool m_toneMapCancelFlag
Bool m_toneMapPersistenceFlag
Int m_toneMapCodedDataBitDepth
Int m_toneMapTargetBitDepth
Int m_toneMapModelId
Int m_toneMapMinValue
Int m_toneMapMaxValue
Int m_sigmoidMidpoint
Int m_sigmoidWidth
Int m_numPivots
Int m_cameraIsoSpeedIdc
Int m_cameraIsoSpeedValue
Int m_exposureIndexIdc
Int m_exposureIndexValue
Bool m_exposureCompensationValueSignFlag
Int m_exposureCompensationValueNumerator
Int m_exposureCompensationValueDenomIdc
Int m_refScreenLuminanceWhite
Int m_extendedRangeWhiteLevel
Int m_nominalBlackLevelLumaCodeValue
Int m_nominalWhiteLevelLumaCodeValue
Int m_extendedWhiteLevelLumaCodeValue
Bool m_framePackingSEIEnabled
Int m_framePackingSEIType
Int m_framePackingSEIId
Int m_framePackingSEIQuincunx
Int m_framePackingSEIInterpretation
Bool m_segmentedRectFramePackingSEIEnabled
Bool m_segmentedRectFramePackingSEICancel
Int m_segmentedRectFramePackingSEIType
Bool m_segmentedRectFramePackingSEIPersistence
Int m_displayOrientationSEIAngle
Bool m_temporalLevel0IndexSEIEnabled
Bool m_gradualDecodingRefreshInfoEnabled
Int m_noDisplaySEITLayer
Bool m_decodingUnitInfoSEIEnabled
Bool m_SOPDescriptionSEIEnabled
Bool m_scalableNestingSEIEnabled
Bool m_tmctsSEIEnabled
Bool m_tmctsSEITileConstraint
Bool m_timeCodeSEIEnabled
Int m_timeCodeSEINumTs
Bool m_kneeSEIEnabled
TEncCfg::TEncSEIKneeFunctionInformation m_kneeFunctionInformationSEI
Int m_preferredTransferCharacteristics
UInt m_greenMetadataType
UInt m_xsdMetricType
Bool m_ccvSEIEnabled
Bool m_ccvSEICancelFlag
Bool m_ccvSEIPersistenceFlag
Bool m_ccvSEIPrimariesPresentFlag
Bool m_ccvSEIMinLuminanceValuePresentFlag
Bool m_ccvSEIMaxLuminanceValuePresentFlag
Bool m_ccvSEIAvgLuminanceValuePresentFlag
Double m_ccvSEIPrimariesX [MAX_NUM_COMPONENT]
Double m_ccvSEIPrimariesY [MAX_NUM_COMPONENT]
Double m_ccvSEIMinLuminanceValue
Double m_ccvSEIMaxLuminanceValue
Double m_ccvSEIAvgLuminanceValue
Bool m_erpSEIEnabled
Bool m_erpSEICancelFlag
Bool m_erpSEIPersistenceFlag
Bool m_erpSEIGuardBandFlag
UInt m_erpSEIGuardBandType
UInt m_erpSEILeftGuardBandWidth
UInt m_erpSEIRightGuardBandWidth
Bool m_sphereRotationSEIEnabled
Bool m_sphereRotationSEICancelFlag
Bool m_sphereRotationSEIPersistenceFlag
Int m_sphereRotationSEIYaw
Int m_sphereRotationSEIPitch
Int m_sphereRotationSEIRoll
Bool m_omniViewportSEIEnabled
UInt m_omniViewportSEIId
Bool m_omniViewportSEICancelFlag
Bool m_omniViewportSEIPersistenceFlag
UInt m_omniViewportSEICntMinus1
std::vector< Intm_omniViewportSEIAzimuthCentre
std::vector< Intm_omniViewportSEIElevationCentre
std::vector< Intm_omniViewportSEITiltCentre
std::vector< UIntm_omniViewportSEIHorRange
std::vector< UIntm_omniViewportSEIVerRange
Bool m_cmpSEIEnabled
Bool m_cmpSEICmpCancelFlag
Bool m_cmpSEICmpPersistenceFlag
Bool m_rwpSEIEnabled
Bool m_rwpSEIRwpCancelFlag
Bool m_rwpSEIRwpPersistenceFlag
Bool m_rwpSEIConstituentPictureMatchingFlag
Int m_rwpSEINumPackedRegions
Int m_rwpSEIProjPictureWidth
Int m_rwpSEIProjPictureHeight
Int m_rwpSEIPackedPictureWidth
Int m_rwpSEIPackedPictureHeight
std::vector< UCharm_rwpSEIRwpTransformType
std::vector< Boolm_rwpSEIRwpGuardBandFlag
std::vector< UIntm_rwpSEIProjRegionWidth
std::vector< UIntm_rwpSEIProjRegionHeight
std::vector< UIntm_rwpSEIRwpSEIProjRegionTop
std::vector< UIntm_rwpSEIProjRegionLeft
std::vector< UShortm_rwpSEIPackedRegionWidth
std::vector< UShortm_rwpSEIPackedRegionHeight
std::vector< UShortm_rwpSEIPackedRegionTop
std::vector< UShortm_rwpSEIPackedRegionLeft
std::vector< UCharm_rwpSEIRwpLeftGuardBandWidth
std::vector< UCharm_rwpSEIRwpRightGuardBandWidth
std::vector< UCharm_rwpSEIRwpTopGuardBandHeight
std::vector< UCharm_rwpSEIRwpBottomGuardBandHeight
std::vector< Boolm_rwpSEIRwpGuardBandNotUsedForPredFlag
std::vector< UCharm_rwpSEIRwpGuardBandType
Bool m_rnSEIEnabled
Bool m_useWeightedPred
 Use of weighted prediction in P slices. More...
Bool m_useWeightedBiPred
 Use of bi-directional weighted prediction in B slices. More...
WeightedPredictionMethod m_weightedPredictionMethod
UInt m_log2ParallelMergeLevel
 Parallel merge estimation region. More...
UInt m_maxNumMergeCand
 Max number of merge candidates. More...
Int m_TMVPModeId
Bool m_signDataHidingEnabledFlag
Bool m_RCEnableRateControl
 enable rate control or not More...
Int m_RCTargetBitrate
 target bitrate when rate control is enabled More...
Int m_RCKeepHierarchicalBit
 0: equal bit allocation; 1: fixed ratio bit allocation; 2: adaptive ratio bit allocation More...
Bool m_RCLCULevelRC
 true: LCU level rate control; false: picture level rate control NOTE: code-tidy - rename to m_RCCtuLevelRC More...
Bool m_RCUseLCUSeparateModel
 use separate R-lambda model at LCU level NOTE: code-tidy - rename to m_RCUseCtuSeparateModel More...
Int m_RCInitialQP
 inital QP for rate control More...
Bool m_RCForceIntraQP
 force all intra picture to use initial QP or not More...
Bool m_RCCpbSaturationEnabled
 enable target bits saturation to avoid CPB overflow and underflow More...
UInt m_RCCpbSize
 CPB size. More...
Double m_RCInitialCpbFullness
 initial CPB fullness More...
ScalingListMode m_useScalingListId
 using quantization matrix More...
std::string m_scalingListFileName
 quantization matrix file name More...
Bool m_TransquantBypassEnabledFlag
 transquant_bypass_enabled_flag setting in PPS. More...
Bool m_CUTransquantBypassFlagForce
 if transquant_bypass_enabled_flag, then, if true, all CU transquant bypass flags will be set to true. More...
CostMode m_costMode
 Cost mode to use. More...
Bool m_recalculateQPAccordingToLambda
 recalculate QP value according to the lambda value More...
Bool m_useStrongIntraSmoothing
 enable strong intra smoothing for 32x32 blocks where the reference samples are flat More...
Int m_activeParameterSetsSEIEnabled
Bool m_vuiParametersPresentFlag
 enable generation of VUI parameters More...
Bool m_aspectRatioInfoPresentFlag
 Signals whether aspect_ratio_idc is present. More...
Int m_aspectRatioIdc
 aspect_ratio_idc More...
Int m_sarWidth
 horizontal size of the sample aspect ratio More...
Int m_sarHeight
 vertical size of the sample aspect ratio More...
Bool m_overscanInfoPresentFlag
 Signals whether overscan_appropriate_flag is present. More...
Bool m_overscanAppropriateFlag
 Indicates whether conformant decoded pictures are suitable for display using overscan. More...
Bool m_videoSignalTypePresentFlag
 Signals whether video_format, video_full_range_flag, and colour_description_present_flag are present. More...
Int m_videoFormat
 Indicates representation of pictures. More...
Bool m_videoFullRangeFlag
 Indicates the black level and range of luma and chroma signals. More...
Bool m_colourDescriptionPresentFlag
 Signals whether colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics and matrix_coefficients are present. More...
Int m_colourPrimaries
 Indicates chromaticity coordinates of the source primaries. More...
Int m_transferCharacteristics
 Indicates the opto-electronic transfer characteristics of the source. More...
Int m_matrixCoefficients
 Describes the matrix coefficients used in deriving luma and chroma from RGB primaries. More...
Bool m_chromaLocInfoPresentFlag
 Signals whether chroma_sample_loc_type_top_field and chroma_sample_loc_type_bottom_field are present. More...
Int m_chromaSampleLocTypeTopField
 Specifies the location of chroma samples for top field. More...
Int m_chromaSampleLocTypeBottomField
 Specifies the location of chroma samples for bottom field. More...
Bool m_neutralChromaIndicationFlag
 Indicates that the value of all decoded chroma samples is equal to 1<<(BitDepthCr-1) More...
Bool m_defaultDisplayWindowFlag
 Indicates the presence of the default window parameters. More...
Int m_defDispWinLeftOffset
 Specifies the left offset from the conformance window of the default window. More...
Int m_defDispWinRightOffset
 Specifies the right offset from the conformance window of the default window. More...
Int m_defDispWinTopOffset
 Specifies the top offset from the conformance window of the default window. More...
Int m_defDispWinBottomOffset
 Specifies the bottom offset from the conformance window of the default window. More...
Bool m_frameFieldInfoPresentFlag
 Indicates that pic_struct values are present in picture timing SEI messages. More...
Bool m_pocProportionalToTimingFlag
 Indicates that the POC value is proportional to the output time w.r.t. first picture in CVS. More...
Int m_numTicksPocDiffOneMinus1
 Number of ticks minus 1 that for a POC difference of one. More...
Bool m_bitstreamRestrictionFlag
 Signals whether bitstream restriction parameters are present. More...
Bool m_tilesFixedStructureFlag
 Indicates that each active picture parameter set has the same values of the syntax elements related to tiles. More...
Bool m_motionVectorsOverPicBoundariesFlag
 Indicates that no samples outside the picture boundaries are used for inter prediction. More...
Int m_minSpatialSegmentationIdc
 Indicates the maximum size of the spatial segments in the pictures in the coded video sequence. More...
Int m_maxBytesPerPicDenom
 Indicates a number of bytes not exceeded by the sum of the sizes of the VCL NAL units associated with any coded picture. More...
Int m_maxBitsPerMinCuDenom
 Indicates an upper bound for the number of bits of coding_unit() data. More...
Int m_log2MaxMvLengthHorizontal
 Indicate the maximum absolute value of a decoded horizontal MV component in quarter-pel luma units. More...
Int m_log2MaxMvLengthVertical
 Indicate the maximum absolute value of a decoded vertical MV component in quarter-pel luma units. More...
std::string m_colourRemapSEIFileRoot
std::string m_regionalNestingSEIFileRoot
std::string m_summaryOutFilename
 filename to use for producing summary output file. More...
std::string m_summaryPicFilenameBase
 Base filename to use for producing summary picture output files. The actual filenames used will have I.txt, P.txt and B.txt appended. More...
UInt m_summaryVerboseness
 Specifies the level of the verboseness of the text output. More...

Detailed Description

encoder application class

Definition at line 57 of file TAppEncTop.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAppEncTop::~TAppEncTop ( )

Definition at line 69 of file TAppEncTop.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

Void TAppEncTop::encode ( )

main encoding function

  • create internal class
  • initialize internal variable
  • until the end of input YUV file, call encoding function in TEncTop class
  • delete allocated buffers
  • destroy internal class

< list of access units to write out. is populated by the encoding process

Definition at line 550 of file TAppEncTop.cpp.

TEncTop& TAppEncTop::getTEncTop ( )

return encoder class pointer reference

Definition at line 96 of file TAppEncTop.h.

Void TAppEncTop::printChromaFormat ( )

Definition at line 838 of file TAppEncTop.cpp.

Void TAppEncTop::printRateSummary ( )

Definition at line 828 of file TAppEncTop.cpp.

Void TAppEncTop::rateStatsAccum ( const AccessUnit au,
const std::vector< UInt > &  stats 

Definition at line 790 of file TAppEncTop.cpp.

Void TAppEncTop::xCreateLib ( )

create files & encoder class

Definition at line 508 of file TAppEncTop.cpp.

Void TAppEncTop::xDeleteBuffer ( )

delete allocated buffers

Definition at line 703 of file TAppEncTop.cpp.

Void TAppEncTop::xDestroyLib ( )

destroy encoder class

Definition at line 523 of file TAppEncTop.cpp.

Void TAppEncTop::xGetBuffer ( TComPicYuv *&  rpcPicYuvRec)

obtain required buffers

  • application has picture buffer list with size of GOP
  • picture buffer list acts as ring buffer
  • end of the list has the latest picture

Definition at line 683 of file TAppEncTop.cpp.

Void TAppEncTop::xInitLib ( Bool  isFieldCoding)

initialize encoder class

Definition at line 533 of file TAppEncTop.cpp.

Void TAppEncTop::xInitLibCfg ( )

initialize internal variables

Definition at line 73 of file TAppEncTop.cpp.

Void TAppEncTop::xWriteOutput ( std::ostream &  bitstreamFile,
Int  iNumEncoded,
const std::list< AccessUnit > &  accessUnits 

write bitstream to file

Write access units to output file.

bitstreamFiletarget bitstream file
iNumEncodednumber of encoded frames
accessUnitslist of access units to be written

Definition at line 724 of file TAppEncTop.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

TComList<TComPicYuv*> TAppEncTop::m_cListPicYuvRec

list of reconstruction YUV files

Definition at line 65 of file TAppEncTop.h.

TEncTop TAppEncTop::m_cTEncTop

encoder class

Definition at line 61 of file TAppEncTop.h.

TVideoIOYuv TAppEncTop::m_cTVideoIOYuvInputFile

input YUV file

Definition at line 62 of file TAppEncTop.h.

TVideoIOYuv TAppEncTop::m_cTVideoIOYuvReconFile

output reconstruction file

Definition at line 63 of file TAppEncTop.h.

UInt TAppEncTop::m_essentialBytes

Definition at line 69 of file TAppEncTop.h.

Int TAppEncTop::m_iFrameRcvd

number of received frames

Definition at line 67 of file TAppEncTop.h.

UInt TAppEncTop::m_totalBytes

Definition at line 70 of file TAppEncTop.h.

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