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TEncPic Class Reference

Picture class including local image characteristics information for QP adaptation. More...

#include <TEncPic.h>

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Public Member Functions

TEncPicQPAdaptationLayergetAQLayer (UInt uiDepth)
UInt getMaxAQDepth ()
 TEncPic ()
virtual ~TEncPic ()
Void create (const TComSPS &sps, const TComPPS &pps, UInt uiMaxAdaptiveQPDepth)
virtual Void destroy ()
 Clean up. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from TComPic
TComPicYuvgetPicYuvTrueOrg ()
UInt getTLayer () const
Void setTLayer (UInt uiTLayer)
Bool getUsedByCurr () const
Void setUsedByCurr (Bool bUsed)
Bool getIsLongTerm () const
Void setIsLongTerm (Bool lt)
Void setCheckLTMSBPresent (Bool b)
Bool getCheckLTMSBPresent ()
TComPicSymgetPicSym ()
const TComPicSymgetPicSym () const
TComSlicegetSlice (Int i)
const TComSlicegetSlice (Int i) const
Int getPOC () const
TComDataCUgetCtu (UInt ctuRsAddr)
const TComDataCUgetCtu (UInt ctuRsAddr) const
TComPicYuvgetPicYuvOrg ()
TComPicYuvgetPicYuvRec ()
TComPicYuvgetPicYuvPred ()
TComPicYuvgetPicYuvResi ()
Void setPicYuvPred (TComPicYuv *pcPicYuv)
Void setPicYuvResi (TComPicYuv *pcPicYuv)
UInt getNumberOfCtusInFrame () const
UInt getNumPartInCtuWidth () const
UInt getNumPartInCtuHeight () const
UInt getNumPartitionsInCtu () const
UInt getFrameWidthInCtus () const
UInt getFrameHeightInCtus () const
UInt getMinCUWidth () const
UInt getMinCUHeight () const
Int getStride (const ComponentID id) const
Int getComponentScaleX (const ComponentID id) const
Int getComponentScaleY (const ComponentID id) const
ChromaFormat getChromaFormat () const
Int getNumberValidComponents () const
Void setReconMark (Bool b)
Bool getReconMark () const
Void setOutputMark (Bool b)
Bool getOutputMark () const
UInt getCurrSliceIdx () const
Void setCurrSliceIdx (UInt i)
UInt getNumAllocatedSlice () const
Void allocateNewSlice ()
Void clearSliceBuffer ()
const WindowgetConformanceWindow () const
Window getDefDisplayWindow () const
Void setTopField (Bool b)
Bool isTopField ()
Void setField (Bool b)
Bool isField () const
Void setSEIs (SEIMessages &seis)
SEIMessagesgetSEIs ()
const SEIMessagesgetSEIs () const
 TComPic ()
virtual ~TComPic ()
Void create (const TComSPS &sps, const TComPPS &pps, const Bool bCreateEncoderSourcePicYuv, const Bool bCreateForImmediateReconstruction)
Void prepareForEncoderSourcePicYuv ()
Void prepareForReconstruction ()
Void releaseReconstructionIntermediateData ()
Void releaseAllReconstructionData ()
Void releaseEncoderSourceImageData ()
Void compressMotion ()
Bool getSAOMergeAvailability (Int currAddr, Int mergeAddr)
UInt getSubstreamForCtuAddr (const UInt ctuAddr, const Bool bAddressInRaster, TComSlice *pcSlice)

Private Attributes

UInt m_uiMaxAQDepth

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TComPic

Detailed Description

Picture class including local image characteristics information for QP adaptation.

Definition at line 95 of file TEncPic.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TEncPic::TEncPic ( )


Definition at line 105 of file TEncPic.cpp.

TEncPic::~TEncPic ( )


Definition at line 113 of file TEncPic.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

Void TEncPic::create ( const TComSPS sps,
const TComPPS pps,
UInt  uiMaxAdaptiveQPDepth 

Initialize member variables

spsreference to used SPS
ppsreference to used PPS
uiMaxAdaptiveQPDepthMaximum depth of unit block for assigning QP adaptive to local image characteristics

Definition at line 125 of file TEncPic.cpp.

Void TEncPic::destroy ( )

Clean up.

Reimplemented from TComPic.

Definition at line 149 of file TEncPic.cpp.

TEncPicQPAdaptationLayer* TEncPic::getAQLayer ( UInt  uiDepth)

Definition at line 112 of file TEncPic.h.

UInt TEncPic::getMaxAQDepth ( )

Definition at line 113 of file TEncPic.h.

Member Data Documentation

TEncPicQPAdaptationLayer* TEncPic::m_acAQLayer

Definition at line 98 of file TEncPic.h.

UInt TEncPic::m_uiMaxAQDepth

Definition at line 99 of file TEncPic.h.

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