HEVC Test Model (HM)  HM-16.3
TEncTop.cpp File Reference

encoder class More...

#include "TLibCommon/CommonDef.h"
#include "TEncTop.h"
#include "TEncPic.h"
#include "TLibCommon/TComChromaFormat.h"
#include "TLibCommon/ContextModel.h"
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Void separateFields (Pel *org, Pel *dstField, UInt stride, UInt width, UInt height, Bool isTop)

Detailed Description

encoder class

Definition in file TEncTop.cpp.

Function Documentation

Void separateFields ( Pel org,
Pel dstField,
UInt  stride,
UInt  width,
UInt  height,
Bool  isTop 

Separate interlaced frame into two fields

Definition at line 355 of file TEncTop.cpp.