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NALread.h File Reference

reading funtionality for NAL units More...

#include "TLibCommon/TypeDef.h"
#include "TLibCommon/TComBitStream.h"
#include "TLibCommon/NAL.h"
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struct  InputNALUnit


#define __NALREAD__


Void read (InputNALUnit &nalu, std::vector< uint8_t > &nalUnitBuf)

Detailed Description

reading funtionality for NAL units

Definition in file NALread.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __NALREAD__

Definition at line 42 of file NALread.h.

Function Documentation

Void read ( InputNALUnit nalu,
vector< uint8_t > &  nalUnitBuf 

create a NALunit structure with given header values and storage for a bitstream

Definition at line 147 of file NALread.cpp.