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ParameterSetMap< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ParameterSetMap< T >, including all inherited members.

allocatePS(const Int psId)ParameterSetMap< T >inline
clearChangedFlag(Int psId)ParameterSetMap< T >inline
getChangedFlag(Int psId) const ParameterSetMap< T >inline
getFirstPS()ParameterSetMap< T >inline
getPS(Int psId)ParameterSetMap< T >inline
getPS(Int psId) const ParameterSetMap< T >inline
m_maxIdParameterSetMap< T >private
m_paramsetMapParameterSetMap< T >private
ParameterSetMap(Int maxId)ParameterSetMap< T >inline
setChangedFlag(Int psId, Bool bChanged=true)ParameterSetMap< T >inline
setID(T *parameterSet, const Int psId)ParameterSetMap< T >privatestatic
storePS(Int psId, T *ps, const std::vector< UChar > *pNaluData)ParameterSetMap< T >inline
~ParameterSetMap()ParameterSetMap< T >inline